About Us

Who we are

The Center for African Leadership Development (CALD) is a center founded in Ethiopia, by Ethiopians who have served national, international organizations and institutions in different parts of the world, in various leadership development and capacity building initiatives. Drawing from various researched and recognized approaches and frameworks, it currently provides Leadership Development programs, coaching services and taylor-made professional development programs.

Our program deliveries follow the principles of adult learning with an emphasis on the complementarity between theory and practical application through real-life examples and action-oriented learning approaches. We believe that both action and knowledge enable individuals’ best-practice leadership development. We create spaces for participants to source their wisdom, commitment and knowledge, so that they can build on their skills and devise strategies to shift their lives and systems.

Our work is particularly informed by Peter Senge’s Systems Thinking, Ken Wilber’s Integral framework, Dr David Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry, and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence integral, amongst others. We provide tools that enable our participants to examine their own paradigms. ‘I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it’ – Pablo Picasso

All our programs are delivered by resources with a wealth of experience in Leadership Development programs in the global arena. Our integrated consultancy work is also underpinned by extensive firsthand experience in the development and business sectors in Africa and the rest of the world. This has enabled us to deepen our understanding and produce important and provocative capacity building services, which have had a significant impact on the organizational development and change process in various countries of Africa. 

We at CALD are committed to promote the role of leadership in Africa and help instill effective leadership practices in private, public and non-governmental organizations. In doing so, we will seek to be professional in all that we do, demonstrating competence and integrity, and delivering added value. We will also build and strengthen relationships with all stakeholders who share our vision.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the potential and wisdom in humanity, and that leadership lies in each one of us. It can be nurtured, developed and allowed to flourish. Leadership emanates from a choice and a way of being, and can cultivate until new habits and patterns of thinking become habitual and unconscious. Such practices enable us to respond to complex challenges with more resilience and adaptability.

Our Vision

To see significantly increased leadership capacity to respond to complex challenges and nurture excellence in individuals, organizations and communities, through generating personal responsibility and a shared commitment for a new sustainable future.



Board of Advisors 


Dr. Lemma Degefa

Mrs. Sylvia Vriesendorp

Mr. Shiferaw Woldemichael


Our Staff


Mr. Ahadu Gebreamlak 

Mr. Milkiyas Habtamu

Mr. Dagmawi Assefa

Mr. Dagmawi Gebreamlak

Ms. Aelaf Gebreamlak

Mr. Addis Assefa



Our Associates


Mr. Ededya Assefa

Mrs. Abigael Teklu

Mrs. Tone Baller

Mr. Matt Davis