Short Term Clients

So far we have given a variety of trainings in leadership focused topics for more than a dozen international and national organizations. Some examples are as follows:

  • Berhan International Bank, Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Management training for all Senior Level Executives of the bank including the President of the bank , 2 days trainings in November, 2014

  • Lion International Bank

An ongoing Executive Leadership Training on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Excellence for all Senior Level Executives of the bank (rounds of 2 days trainings are under way) June 2014 – Present

  • Cooperative Bank of Oromia

An ongoing Executive Leadership Training on Emotional Intelligence and Team Leadership for all Branch Managers and Senior Level Executives of Cooperative Bank of Oromia (four rounds of 2 days trainings are already conducted for over 120 managers) Jan – April, 2014;

  • SIHA East Africa Network

Resource Mobilization and Volunteerism training was held for senior NGO leaders of members of the network in Ethiopia;

  •  Ethiopian Management Institute

Designed and delivered Decision Making Skills training for Ethiopian Management Institute Senior Consultants.

  • Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat

Designed and delivered Leadership and Governance training for national health institution leaders of Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat

  • Pro Development Network

Designed and delivered Leadership Skills training for Pro Development Network board and senior managers and other senior staff

  • Engender Health

Designed and delivered leadership development training for Engender Health senior staff

  • Africa LEAD 

CALD, as the national representative of the Kenyan Based Consulting Firm called Africa LEAD, is working with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in the organization, launching, facilitation and delivery of an international workshop under the G8 supported groundbreaking initiative entitled ‘The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Ethiopia’ (that commenced based on the resolutions of the G-8 summit that was held in March 2012.)

  • Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) - Ethiopia

CALD facilitated a 10 days TOT on Skills Development package of the Global Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) focusing on facilitation, research, project design and implementation, advocacy and ITC skills for community transformation for young community transformation agents

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

 CALD conducted Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) Alumni Formation process facilitation 

  • Selam Children Village

CALD delivered a 2 days ‘Mentoring Skills’ training for Selam Children Village social workers, counselors, and foster parents who are taking care of more than 500 children and youth