We undertake researches on key issues that are pivotal for individual and organizational achievement as well as for community and national development. Some of the

research areas that we focus on are:

  • Mapping factors that positively contribute to organizational effectiveness in different sectors such as the corporate, non-profit and government sectors.
  • Deciphering culture based leadership challenges for the design of evidence-based intervention solutions.
  • Identifying gaps, challenges and best practices in leadership development and management.
  • Undertaking a study on investment opportunities for new and existing companies,
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Development for new businesses
  • Best practices in internal governance and management practices of Companies and Civil Society Organizations.
  • Needs Assessment, Action research and Monitoring and Evaluation studies for NGOs and UN agencies.
  • Conducting collaborative researches with different institutions concerning leadership and organizational development, cultural and human aspects of community and national development etc.